Word of the Week: Responsible

Week beginning February 21, 2022; each week we discuss a principle or value of the Qualities of Success. We suggest you use the Word of The Week in your thoughts, deeds and actions.  You might currently possess the quality and desire to develop it to a higher level.  You could replace a bad habit with a good habit.Write an action step and use it daily to develop the Quality in your life.

The virtue this week is RESPONSIBLE in honor of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln born in February 1732 and 1809, respectively.

Responsible is an obligation or duty to do something; having control over a project or care for someone.  Several synonyms are authority, importance, power, liability or obligation.  Responsibility is a sign of maturity. Respond to a call of action to be held answerable or accountable.

Everything that has been done in the history of the world has been completed by someone.  Somebody took control and exercised power to do it. Our share of the responsibility depends and will vary with our environment and social structure.  Our responsibility increases with maturity.  Adam and Eve had charge over the Garden of Eden.  When Adam ate the apple, he pointed the finger at Eve and laid the responsibility on her; she then turned around and said the snake was responsible

Mature people have taken charge of their lives and their conduct, they own up to their actions and answer for them.  

Until you take control and be responsible for your life, someone else controls your life.

Can you think of a time when you stood up, answered the call, took control of the situation and saw it through to completion?  How did you feel?