Word of the Week: Mindset

Week beginning April 11, 2022; each week we discuss a principle or value of the Qualities of Success. We suggest you use the Word of The Week in your thoughts, deeds and actions.  You might currently possess the quality and desire to develop it to a higher level.  You could replace a bad habit with a good habit.Write an action step and use it daily to develop the Quality in your life.

The word this week is MINDSET which is a mental attitude, a desire, an inclination or a habit. It is a way of thinking or a certain outlook on life. The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you live your life. Some define it as a mental frame or a lens that selectively organize and encode information pushing an individual toward a unique way of understanding an experience or guiding one toward an action or response. There are several types of mindsets; abundance, positive, growth and fixed. Mindset is how you see the world and Attitude is how you interact with the world. The opposite of Mindset is ignorant or plain dumb. Research shows that mindset plays a significant role in determining the outcome of life.  Understanding life and how it works, adapting to the many changes and shifting your mindset can change your health, decrease stress and aid in becoming more resilient. Your mindset forms an interaction of our thoughts and emotion and images of your life The mindset adopted has everything to do with judgment on anything. WHEN YOU APPROACH THE DAY WITH POSITIVITY AND PURPOSE, EVERYTHNG CHANGES.  YOUR PERCEPTIONS OF LIFE DETERMIN YOUR RESPONSE IN ALL SITUATIONS.

Learn something you can share that will help someone else.  Proverbs 11;25 “whoever brings blessing will be enriched and one who waters will himself be watered”. 

1. Please put aside all excuses and ask yourself.  What should I be doing?

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