Word of the Week: Conviction

Week beginning March 14, 2022; each week we discuss a principle or value of the Qualities of Success. We suggest you use the Word of The Week in your thoughts, deeds and actions.  You might currently possess the quality and desire to develop it to a higher level.  You could replace a bad habit with a good habit. Write an action step and use it daily to develop the Quality in your life.

The word this week is CONVICTION; A firmly held opinion or belief; a persuasion, an idea, or a position. This is a strong belief held by an individual or group.  A person with CONVICTION is determined, firm with an ironed will; independent and uncompromising.  CONVICTIONS must be genuine and authentic. There is no hiding of our thoughts and feelings to avoid conflict or embarrassment.  A way of taking responsibility for your actions no matter what you are doing. Always take responsibility and do the right thing. 

LIVE WITH YOUR CONVICTIONS AND LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN THEM. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, MEAN WHAT YOU SAY BUT NEVER SAY IT MEAN.  Be kind. When speaking about your CONVICTIONS, do your research and obtain evidence to support your argument.  Control the volume, the tone and the speed of your presentation at the proper level.  Assert your points with confidence and strong words. Write and speak with confidence, conviction and strong beliefs.  The audience will believe your position along with you.

Personal CONVICTIONS are a special set of a belief system that determines for you what you believe to be right or wrong.  You have great confidence in your beliefs.

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