June 28, 2020 to July 5, 2020
The material found in this weekly commentary is based on the philosophy and writing of Zig Ziglar (1926 – 2012). Mr. Ziglar invested his life helping others get everything they wanted out of life.
He formed a philosophy that underlies all of his teaching, writing, consulting and speaking in this great quote, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. Zig Ziglar was a motivator and a great teacher; he believed you can apply this philosophy to your personal and work life to achieve success.
I founded KROneal Coaching and Training, and responded to Mr. Ziglar’s message of hope, encouragement and how to change lives for the better. Even though, Zig has passed away; his teachings and life changing principles are still giving people HOPE. I am a Ziglar Legacy Coach, Trainer and Mentor for the Choose to Win program and is continuing Mr. Ziglar’s message to make a positive difference in the lives of people throughout the world. I believe life is a journey to create a legacy. It has been said, “Inheritance is what you leave TO someone. Legacy is what you leave IN someone”. Mindset and a system of belief is monumental in true success.

“As a Man Thinketh” written in 1903 by James Allen reveals the power thoughts have over our well- being. We can change our lives by controlling our thoughts and mental input. We have the inner Power to change our life for the better. Thoughts and actions determine the height of performance in your life. I realize I am responsible for my actions. By changing my attitude and my environment, I control my Legacy. As we progress on this journey of life, I believe you will find you can change your circumstances, alter your situations and unleash the power to obtain your dreams and goals. Join me here each week; there is an entire new world out there for you. “Start with WHY” written by Simon Sinek and his TED talk shows how great leaders inspire everyone to take action. We begin with your WHY. Do you have any idea what your overall dream or purpose is for your life? Stay with me here if you do not have a clue. I believe I can help you if you are willing to do exactly what I suggest over the next week. I am sincere about this even though I realize some of you are skeptical. Simply take 30 minutes. Time yourself. Get alone when you start. Make a list of all the things you want to BE, all the things you want to DO and all the things you want to HAVE before you die. Many of you will resist placing your real dreams on paper because you are afraid of your inner critical voices screaming, you are not smart enough, you are not worthy, you are not good enough. DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE VOICES. Ignore these condemning voices and write what you would really like to be, do or have in life. Write everything that comes to your mind. Do not evaluate or make changes. No one will see this list unless you choose to share it. You can make changes later; you are the author. Thank you for joining me.
I believe I know you well enough to respect your individuality and I truly appreciate you. See you next time when we will go another mile on this life journey.