Time is our most important asset

Time is your most important asset. Time Management is a misnomer.  We can not manage time; We can not store time. Time Management is Life Management.  Self-discipline is required to become skilled in managing life.

The learned skill of managing your time will determine your success or failure as an officer in the armed services.  Time is required in everything you have to do. Time cannot be saved and cannot be recovered once it is lost. The better you use your time the more you will achieve in all you do.  Your rewards will be great.

The management of your time is essential for professional and personal effectiveness. Your level of peace, harmony and mental well being will be greater when you are in control of your time.  An” out of control” feeling is the major source of stress, anxiety and depression in our daily lives. The better you are at controlling the day to day events of life the better you will feel, the more energy you will have, the better you will sleep, and more projects will be completed.

The skills of time management are learned; the ideas and methods we teach, if used properly, will help you gain many productive hours and double your output and your productivity.  Your work is important; it is imperative you establish significant blocks of time for major projects.  Here are several suggestions to improve your effectiveness and efficiency by creating blocks of time.

 First, work in the morning when you are fresh and alert.

Second, allow no interruptions.  DO NOT DISTURB signs work well.

Third, gain an extra hour in the morning by starting work early and an extra hour in the afternoon by staying up one hour later when there are major projects with short deadlines.  

Effective discipline is the willingness to force yourself to pay the price, to do what you know you should do, when you do it whether you feel like it or not.  This willingness is critical for success to become the best you.

Learning Time Management skills and becoming an excellent time manager is huge.  Winners in life use time well.