The Fundamentals of a Wonderful and Well Balanced Life

I am using a metaphor of the construction of your dream home to discuss the fundamentals of a wonderful and well balanced life. The first thing you must do is to prepare the building site for home construction. Secondly, the foundation must be strong and built to endure the weight of the home.

Success means many different things to different people. Zig Ziglar said in “See You At The Top”, “the best definition of ultimate success is the use of your God given skills and talents to their fullest extent”. Are you giving 100% of yourself all the time and to all opportunities? Do you have a strong work ethic? Do you add value to other people? Do you have an abundance mentality? Are you a motivator, an encourager and a giver of hope to others?

In your personal growth and development program, you must have an open mind full of curiosity and be willing to change. You must prepare a written plan of wishes and dreams to be turned into goals. The achievement will be based on your values and principles. You must be the right person, do the right things; then and only then, can you have all this wonderful world has to offer. There can be no cruise control or autopilot. You must live aware, intentional and with self discipline.

Happiness is finding purpose and meaning in your life. Live in and enjoy the moment. Appreciate and be grateful for all things especially quality relationships. Strong family relationships create legacy and the memories that will outlive you.

Knowledge is power. Wealth is created by learning and using the basics of financial intelligence. Prepare a budget and live within your means. Do not accumulate credit card debt. Wealth is obtained slowly. Be patient.

Individual health is true wealth. Make an appointment with a doctor to have an annual physical. The three major components of outstanding health are diet, exercise and sleep. It has been said that sleep is the most important. Six to eight hours each night. Exercise means activity. Do some type of activity each day. Walking is excellent. Control your diet because you are what you eat. Limit sweets.

The use of the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” creates great relationships. Love yourself and others. All lives matter. Have and use good manners; be cordial and kind. We are all created by God and must strive to be the best person we can be in all things. Be accepting, genuine and real.