Take a PAUSE and Think

Blog 6 August 3, 2020 to August 10,2020
Take a PAUSE and THINK
When I was a Freshman in college, an English Literature professor stated her purpose in life was to get the class to THINK. Some thoughts come to my conscious mind. Is it the truth? Is it helpful to others? Is it inspirational? Is it something needed to be said? Is it kind?
Your thoughts regulate your accomplishments in life. My physical body responds and reacts to the input from my mind. If my mind is full of doubt, disbelief and discouragement, my day will be full of the same things. My thoughts make for a bad day. If I adjust my regulator and push forward to vision, vitality and victory, my thoughts make for a good day. We are what we think about. “As a man thinketh, so is he”.
The mind manufactures and produces millions of thoughts each day. There are two managers in charge of your thoughts. One is positive and named Mr. Achievement/Success and one is negative named Mr. Failure/Non-Achievement.
Mr. Success is in charge of creating wholesome, encouraging, reassuring thoughts. You can face life with victory; you can handle the things that come your way; you are more than able to win and conquer. Mr. Failure is in charge and responsible for depreciating, worrisome thoughts. Mr. Failure develops reasons why you cannot succeed saying, you are inadequate; you should just give up; you will never make it; you should give in to worry, failure, discouragement inferiority and a poor self-image.
Both managers are obedient to the President. That is, YOU. They wait for your signal to go to work. Make a choose to be happy giving a positive signal and Mr. Success goes to work and issues encouraging edifying thoughts flooding your mind with goodness one thought after another.
Mr. Failure is always standing by waiting for your negative signal (he will call this “reality or common sense”. When he gets your signal, he starts with more discouraging, destructive, demoralizing thoughts. He is trying to get you to say I can’t, I will not, or I should not. He will keep up his efforts and in sufficient time he will drain your energy, destroy your confidence and turn you into a frowning tight-lipped fatalistic victim killed by negative thinking.
Your thoughts will grow stronger with constant repetition. Those that are gloomy and gray seem to stay that way. Those that are cheery and bright and enthusiastic always shine.
Happiness is based on right thinking. It has nothing to do with intelligence; your age; or your position in life. Our performance is related directly to the deposits we make in to our minds. You can only draw out what you deposit. Your input determines your output.
What kind of performance would you get from your car if you put dirt in the tank each day? After a while the car would not start. The same thing is true of your life. Narrow, self-destructive, abrasive thoughts produce significant wear and tear on your brain, your mental motor. You will be lying on the side of the road while others pass you by.
You only need one manager in your thought manufacturing factory. You must fire Mr. Failure. Put Mr. Success in charge. His name is Achievement, Success, Wonderful Well-Balanced Life full of joy, abundance and happiness. He is anxious to help and to assist you and is always available.