Program Reminder

Radio Program Reminder: listen this coming Sunday February 10th at 2:00 pm Central Time on KERV 1230 AM dial. You may also listen to my past shows on the internet at We will be discussing Winning Relationships Within Families. You Can Be More Confident as a Parent and Create a Successful Winning Family.

Attitude is Key

Attitude affects performance, co-workers, customers and your reputation. Attitudes are contagious. Is your attitude worth catching? You can choose your attitude for life situations. In the majority of case the difficulty is not with other people and other situations; the difficulty lies between your ears. Your success is measured by how you use the abilityContinue reading “Attitude is Key”

Effective Communication

Effective Communication is the proper exchange of thoughts, beliefs, values, facts or other information. The keyword is exchange. Texting is not effective communication. Effective Communication creates winning, healthy, great relationships where we are kind to each other, we listen at an empathetic level and we tell the truth with integrity. A lack of integrity inContinue reading “Effective Communication”

Be Cordial

Cordial is the word of the day. Effective Communication is a contact sport. To get a favorable exchange of information: facts, beliefs and ideas, you must start with the deep-seated belief that the other person is significant, unique and important. Their opinion counts and is meaningful. They deserve your undivided attention. Listen at a synergisticContinue reading “Be Cordial”

Integrity is Number One Everything Else is Number Two

Today’s word is integrity. Integrity is number one in all things, everything else is number two. In Webster’s dictionary, integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and fair; the state of being complete; whole; undivided. Now let’s take a look at some Hebrew words related to integrity. “Shalom” is used as a JewishContinue reading “Integrity is Number One Everything Else is Number Two”