Create a Habit of Gratitude

July 12, 2020 to July 19, 2020 Develop a habit of gratitude “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotion” said Zig Ziglar and is defined as a feeling of appreciation or thankfulness. I have been on a journey of gratitude for a long time. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude. We need to make gratitude a habit. Each day I write down three things I am grateful for on a list in my daily journal. Each day the three things are different from the ones before on the list. In the European Journal of Social Psychology, the author quoted “it takes 66 days to create a habit”. Keep the list for 66 days and you will have almost 200 items you are grateful for and your mind will constantly be looking for new things to be grateful and thankful. Somedays when I am thinking, preparing and planning, I enjoy reflecting about the things I have been thankful for in the past. Those that know me well, know my love of Southern Gospel Quartet Music. My favorite has always been Hovie Lister and the Statesmen especially their bass singer, James “Big Chief” Wetherington. He was dignified and a class act with integrity and empathy. His character was beyond reproach. Many days I would attend practice sessions with the Statemen and Blackwood Brothers at the Briarcliff Hotel. He was a wonderful man who enjoyed the outdoors hunting and fishing in South Georgia. He was born and raised in Ty Ty, Georgia. On many occasions we would spend hours at Fulton County Stadium watching the Atlanta Braves. The Chief had many followers and they all seemed to love baseball too. I am grateful Abner Doubleday invented baseball. Many life lessons are learned on the field and in the stands. I believe baseball is more than a game. Baseball is a great teacher. On the field and in the dugout, I learned the value of fair play and the importance of being persistent and consistent. During the summers of my youth I played baseball on a daily basis. Under the hot dry southern sky, I lived for hitting, fielding and catching. The sandlot fields with Little League, Pony League, and Senior League youngsters was my classroom for life lessons and technical baseball skills. To this day I still love the statistical data of each game and the impact on my life of the language, the spoken word and telling of stories. The Chief believed he was called by God to sing and to use his voice to inspire and bless others. I will never forget our conversations and will leave you today with some of his comments. He believed “life is like a mountain railroad from cradle to grave” and he prayed “for all to understand, the Hope of America lies in faith in God and The Common Man”

Your Mental Input Determines Your Output

Blog 2
July 6, 2020 to July 13, 2020
Hello and welcome. Let’s take another step in designing our Legacy. Last week was awesome. Several people made tremendous progress and had VICTORY moments. How did you do on preparing your Dream List of all the things you want to BE, want to DO and want to HAVE? As I said, some people did a fantastic job. Did you find it difficult? Did you only write a few items? Did you make the Choice to NOT prepare a Goal and Dream List? Maybe you are not sold on the benefits of Goal Setting and Dreaming. All High Achievers in life do three major things: 1). Write Goals in full detail. 2). Work on their Goals every day. 3). Work with an accountability partner. How many of these are you willing to do to have your Dream Life?
Success is defined and measured by what you do with the ability and skills given to you by God. There are three turning points in my life. Number one, I discovered I am responsible for my life and for everything that happens to me. Second, I discovered the concept of Goal Setting. Third, I discovered I can learn anything I need to learn to accomplish any Goal I set for me. It has been said, “There is one thing worse than not setting a Goal and that is setting the wrong Goal and achieving it.” Assess your mindset. You can start this week and catch up quickly.
I have five participants doing Step Two. This is where the question of WHY is asked. Some of your Goals might not be your Goal for you. Maybe your grandfather wants you to be an attorney when you want to be an artist or scientist. Now you can get serious about your Goals because you know they are your passion and purpose. You can select the FOUR items to work on in the correct priority. I must tell you of one of my superstars who told me he wants to HAVE peace of mind for his personal life. I list here some of the benefits he would receive from having peace of mind. 1) Being loved by wife and children 2) Financial security with no debt 3) Excellent physical health 4) Significant role in church 5) Success in and enjoyment of vocation.
Is your present reality dull? Are you living in a RUT? Do you get up early, have a quick breakfast, run for the train or bus, arrive at work and never go outside until you leave to go home to eat dinner watch TV, and go to bed, toss and turn and wake up early the next day to do it again. You are in a RUT! Are you depressed and stressed? Dreaming and setting goals points the way to being happy, healthy, prosperous, secure, and to have friends, family, peace of mind, and hope for the future. We need to begin transforming your dreams into specific goals and start you on a journey to total fulfillment and a well-balanced life.
I am here for you. Leave me a comment or send me an email. As my good friend, Tom Ziglar says, “the fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits”.