Fast quick start of a red-letter day

A red-letter day is defined as a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable. It is any day of special significance or opportunity.   The word comes from the late 1300s when important days were marked in red ink in calendars made in monasteries and convents.

I choose to start each day with a planned perfect start.  This is a habit; I believe this habit will change and improve every area of your life.  This will make every day special, a red-letter day. Design your life each day. Create a Legacy to prepare those you love to grow through the most difficult challenges of life.   I intentionally invest in the first part of each day to personal development and planning the day to accomplish my top priorities.

My personal start of the red-letter day:

5 minutes; Prayer and quiet time with God. He knows my concerns and situations; He is big enough to handle them. I ask God what is the plan and what is my part in it.  I simply listen to God.  He always answers.

20 minutes; Read Scriptures and daily devotionals.  I am concerned about the right mental and spiritual input. I read inspirational, uplifting and educational books.

5 minutes; Write in journal.  my thoughts, my feeling and my insights; always list three things for which I am grateful.

10 minutes; Write in performance planner daily goals, priorities and objectives for the day

5 minutes; Envision mentally important calls, meetings and appointments.  Review potential questions and needs of others.

5 minutes: Thinking deeply about the most important objective I need to accomplish today.

If you are pressed for time or maybe you are not familiar with the concepts of preparing, planning and performing a red-letter day set aside 10 minutes to begin working on this habit.

3 minutes:  Write three items for which you are grateful and thankful.  Meditate on the good in your life.

3 minutes:  Read positive affirmations and use positive self-talk. A great start would be, “I am getting stronger and stronger every day in every way.

4 minutes:  Write down major goals and problems to solve.