The Fundamentals of a Wonderful and Well Balanced Life

I am using a metaphor of the construction of your dream home to discuss the fundamentals of a wonderful and well balanced life. The first thing you must do is to prepare the building site for home construction. Secondly, the foundation must be strong and built to endure the weight of the home. Success meansContinue reading “The Fundamentals of a Wonderful and Well Balanced Life”

Items on a List

My name is Kenneth Robert O’Neal; I am a Certified Coach, Trainer and Consultant. I help business owners and individuals achieve their own visions of success. I’m a former CPA and over the years I have helped individuals and companies grow, gain market share, and increase profitability through programs, policies, procedures and systems developed by meContinue reading “Items on a List”


Effective Communication is a contact sport. To get a favorable exchange of facts, information, beliefs and ideas, you must start with a deep-seated belief that the other person is significant, unique and important. They deserve your undivided attention. You must be sensitive to their feelings. Being cordial brings favor and approval with positive results. TheContinue reading “Cordiality”