May 23, 2021 Blog To Graduates of High Schools and Universities, Class of 2021 Thoughts upon “graduation” The time has come for the cap and gown routine and the last group gathering with your class. I congratulate you.  You got it done.  You saw it through to the end including covid 19 coronavirus. The GraduationContinue reading


Many centuries ago, a woman almost underestimated the power of one. She thought things were too far gone.  She did not think there was anything she could do before all the Jews would be killed.  The woman’s name was Esther, the Jewish wife of the Persian king. He was the one about to be tricked intoContinue reading “ONE IS ENOUGH AND ONE IS SIGNIFICANT”

March 6, 1836 – The Alamo

I am not from Texas but I got here as quickly as I could. It was March 6, 1995 the first time I stepped off an airplane onto the tarmac at the San Antonio, Texas airport headed to Lackland Air Force Base.  It brought memories of discussions from U. S. History classes of the red-letter dayContinue reading “March 6, 1836 – The Alamo”


Nominations to 4 of the 5 federal service academies are difficult to obtain and are required for the application for admission. The U. S. Coast Guard does not require a nomination. Members of Congress are authorized by law to nominate candidates to the U. S. Naval Academy, the U. S. Military Academy, the U. S.Continue reading “YOUR METHODOLOGY IS DEAD WRONG”