Blog 10 August 30 to September 6, 2020

Integrity is Virtue Number One

Planning, preparing and expecting to win in life is based upon a clear vision of what you want to BE, what you want to DO, what you want to HAVE, and what you want to GIVE. Your vision creates your desire, your purpose, and your WHY.

An old Chinese proverb states: 

“Vision for one year:  cultivate flowers;

Vision for ten years:  cultivate trees;

Vision for eternity: cultivate people”.

With your vision, you will be able to set your goals for what you want to achieve in your life.  With goals set, you will have targets with which to track and measure so you will know how you are doing. Your desire is important but your vision is critical. 

There are six qualities you must have or acquire to get the best results:     honesty, character, faith, integrity, love, loyalty.

These are the foundation stones in the stairway to the success. Time and space do not allow discussing all these qualities.  Let’s take a look at the quality I believe is number one.  Integrity is doing the right thing when we know it is the right thing to do. Integrity is who we are.  Integrity is being true to the life we have been called to live. Integrity is who we are when someone is watching.  It is who we are when no one is watching.  Integrity is vital throughout life.  There are two types of integrity. Personal integrity is when we are authentic and genuine; the person we were created to be. A life of wholeness and congruence. Moral integrity is doing the right thing when we know it is right.  It is a life of character and virtue.  It takes both.  Be defined by your integrity. Let integrity make the choices that become your life.

Several years ago, wild fires were raging across the dry forest of north west United States, where a firefighter from Colorado, named David was vacationing in Washington state.  Driving along he noticed a hillside burning with winds blowing down toward the valley.  David turned and made his way toward the fires.  As he approached, he saw a woman trying to dig a firebreak to protect her home from the coming fire.  He later learned she was a widow.  At that time, he knew he had to help. David said to the lady, “you have about thirty minutes. Get your things and leave now”.  David then saw an elderly man struggling to save his house.  David ran to him and said, “I will not let your house burn.  Please leave now”.  For 25 hours, David worked and saved both homes.  Later on, David was interviewed on television in the area.  Everyone was awed at what David had done by saving the houses working so many hours to save homes of two total strangers.  David was very humble with the kudos and accolades. His reply was “ma’am I am a fireman, that is what I do”.  It takes bravery, courage and integrity to BE the right person by taking responsibility and DOING the right action.