Are you awake at 3 am?

It does not happen to be often, but it does happen.

Here is what I do and it works in wonderful marvelous ways.

1.  Get up from bed and find a distraction free location. Now is not the time to glance at your phone. 

2.  Obtain a note pad or a journal.  Write your list of gratitude.  Make the list long and include the big and the small things.  Invest five or six minutes preparing the list.  If you write a person’s name, think about why you are grateful for them and recall specific memory items about them. Gratitude and fear cannot live in the same space at the same time.

3.  Have a conversation with God.  Ask God three questions.  God, do you know the circumstances of my life? YES.  God, are you BIG enough to handle my situation?  YES.  God, what is the plan?  Then, listen to what God has to say – five minutes; sit peacefully and wait on God to answer.  He will answer.  One morning last week before the sun came up, I was speaking with God about my students in Kibogora, Rwanda.  I was planning a presentation on the journey of life beginning with Survival and ending with creating a Legacy. I was overcome with emotion when I thought about the meaning of Survival to a young adult in Rwanda.  What is God’s Plan for them?  I was preparing to be still and wait but He shared with me the answer.  I can not help them all but because I can not help them all does not stop me from helping some of them.  I must keep doing what I am doing for the people of Kibogora. 

4.  Write a VICTORY list.  Things you have accomplished in the past with pride.

School graduation; helping someone in need, overcoming a big challenge.  This is to remind yourself you have done it before and you can do it again.

5.  Identify the problem giving you the most concern.  Write it in your journal or pad of paper. Write all the things you can do to solve the situation.  Take action and create a written plan.  Identifying a problem is a positive step in the correct path.  It is only negative if you stay focused on the problem.  Focus on the solution.

6.  There are things in our lives we have no control over.  These items should be given to God in prayer. God is in control; He knows exactly WHAT IS GOING ON AND He is big enough to handle it.  His plan is in Romans 8:28 all things work together for good and continue to be encouraged by James 1:2-3 you will become stronger in the situation and God will perfectly position you to fulfill your purpose in life.

7.  Go back to sleep or go to work.

Kenneth R. O’Neal