May 23, 2021 Blog

To Graduates of High Schools and Universities, Class of 2021

Thoughts upon “graduation”

The time has come for the cap and gown routine and the last group gathering with your class. I congratulate you.  You got it done.  You saw it through to the end including covid 19 coronavirus. The Graduation Ceremony is near; we are preparing to say “see you later”.  There are no goodbyes. The academic culture has always been family.  No goodbyes, just see you later.

At times the course seemed lengthy and you wondered “will this ever end”?  Sometimes it was dull, routine and even tedious. Other times it was difficult and challenging. Soon you will be far removed from High School and University disciplines of academics, emotional and mental stress, and organization of daily agendas dealing with working part time, social events, and going to college. Or a career.

Before the changing of the venue and before you run off to summer vacation, interviewing for new jobs, final preparation for entering the full-time work force or heading off to college, I am sharing some thoughts to help you continue in the things you have learned.  There are four simple commandments applicable to graduates.

1.  CONTINUE YOUR LEARNING.  It is one thing to complete a course of study and earn a certificate of accomplishment, a diploma or a degree; it is another thing to become a student for the rest of your life, to stay curious, to read widely, to be adventurous and creative and continue on the never ending pursuit of truth.  There is excitement about being around people who are still learning.  They are interesting and resourceful.  Life learners are challenged by the mysteries of life.  They are independent thinkers and are unwilling to be influenced by the majority opinion. This is your beginning into a quest for knowledge never to be satisfied.

2.  REMEMBER YOUR LEADERS.  Stay near and thank the teachers who impacted your life and contributed to your personal and professional growth.  There is something good and helpful about keeping in touch with your mentors, calling to mind the things they modeled, thinking of the benefits of having been the recipient of their wisdom, their reproofs, and their guidance.  The inspiration of a great teacher will go with you forever.

3.  RESPECT YOUR LIFE LEGACY.  You are the product of your past. Your parents and grandparents have shaped you and provided roots for you that attributed to you the reputation and character for a meaningful life with purpose.

4.  ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR CREATOR.  Keep your inner being and energy warm for God. Be leery of those future decisions that come with rigid conditions. Stay away from distractions that distort the Truth.  Stay so close to the flame of His Spirit you can feel His presence.

The admonition for you as a current graduate is do not stop your learning, do not forget your leaders, do not disregard your legacy and never ignore your Lord.


Kenneth Robert O’Neal

Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach and Trainer