Character Development

Character Development

Character is the moral and mental qualities distinctive to an individual.  Honesty, responsibility, and courage are admirable qualities possessed by someone with character.  The six pillars of character are trustworthy, respect, responsibility fairness, caring and citizenship. 

The Choose to Win Mentorship Program at Schreiner Institute is based on the philosophy and writings of Zig Ziglar (1924 – 2012).  Mr. Ziglar is considered one of the greatest motivators, teachers and success mentors in history.  His message of encouragement and investment of his life in helping others made a positive impact in millions of lives around the world.  I am a Ziglar Legacy Certified coach, trainer and mentor for the Choose to Win Program which will transform the life of the cadet candidate one choice at a time. We begin with the desires, the ambitions and WHY you want to serve as an officer in the United States military. We believe you must understand life is a journey to create Legacy.  It has been said, “inheritance is what you leave TO someone.  Legacy is what you leave IN someone”.  Achieving your appointment to an academy or a commission from ROTC requires the right mindset, the right strategy and the right actions.  We believe you can achieve a well-balanced successful life and leave a Legacy to survive through eternity.  I believe, along with Zig Ziglar, his son, Tom and the millions of people who follow the philosophies of Mr. Ziglar, you can apply these teachings to your life work and your personal life to achieve success.  This is paramount in earning a commission through ROTC or an appointment to one of the five military service academies. I am a United States Air Force veteran having served as a noncommissioned officer at Langley Air Force Base with the 316th Tactical Airlift Wing conducting airplane replacement training and becoming an operational tactical airlift wing with three squadrons of C-130 Hercules aircraft. Additionally, I served in Vietnam with Headquarters 7th Air Force at Tan Son Nhut AB, SVN in Communications. 

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