Astricon 2017


Mr. O’Neal at Astricon 2017

This is an exciting time for us!  Kenneth Robert O’Neal, Founder and President of THE KRONEAL COACHING AND TRAINING COMPANY of Kerrville, Texas spoke in Orlando, Florida at AstriCon 2017 on October 3rd – 5th.
AstriCon 2017 is the 14th annual users conference for Asterisk developers, integrators, re-sellers and customers. It is the longest running event dedicated to all things Asterisk, which is one of the most influential open source telecommunication projects in history and will have the greatest future impact on the communications industry.

Mr. O’Neal is a former Certified Public Accountant with the largest international accounting firm and was the founder of his own accounting firm in Houston, Texas.  He is a Legacy Certified Coach and Trainer with Ziglar, Inc. of Plano, Texas.  The coaching and training material of “KRONEAL” is based primarily on the philosophy and writing of Zig Ziglar (1926 – 2012). Mr. Ziglar invested his life helping others achieve everything they wanted out of life. He is considered one of the greatest motivators, teachers and success mentors in history.  His message of hope and encouragement has made a positive difference in millions of lives around the world. Mr. Ziglar formed a philosophy which underlines all of his teaching, consulting, writing, and speaking. He lived the statement, “you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

Mr. O’Neal is humbled and honored, along with more than 200 other coaches and trainers of Ziglar, Inc. to carry on this tradition and legacy through the work of

Our mission statement is:

To provide an exceptional life-learning experience to every client, every day, with a spirit of respect, integrity and excellence.

The title of Mr. O’Neal’s presentation at AstriCon 2017 was “Effective Communication in The Work Place” The presentation included a call to action for business leaders to operate and live at their highest level. A no-nonsense approach to Effective Communication is vital. The process is designed to increase personal knowledge, learnable skills, and the ability to increase revenue, develop business and generate immense productivity. These improved communication skills will create strong relationships and team cohesion. Also a better understanding of, and an ability to achieve personal and business goals in the realization of organizational and personal objectives.


One thought on “Astricon 2017

  1. Ken is a GEM!
    A Gentleman with that old fashioned sense of taking care of the people he comes into contact with!
    An Educator whose constant learning coupled with his life experience provide so many opportunities to help others grow
    A Mentor who is trusted and can be relied upon for great advice and timeless wisdom.
    So glad to call you my friend Ken! LOVE the new site!


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